[Aiming for Further Growth as a Newly Formed Public Interest Incorporated Foundation] Shigeki Hayashi, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman

The former organization was founded on October 31, 1987 by a member of the House of Representatives Michio Watanabe and had strived to facilitate the improvement and exchange of medical practices in developing countries and promote the international cooperation in the field of medical technology. Such achievements of the organization were recognized through awards such as the 52nd Health Culture Prize and the Minister of Health and Welfare Award of fiscal year 2000, which were presented by the Emperor and Empress at the Imperial Palace. In addition, we were awarded the Minister for Foreign Affairs Award in fiscal year 2009 for our longtime international contributions in the medical technology cooperation. These achievements and the business policy to the future were recognized, and Japan International Medical Technology Foundation (JIMTEF) became certified by the Cabinet Office as a public interest incorporated foundation on February 3, 2011 with the enforcement of the three laws related to the reform of the public-interest corporations system, was officially registered as a newly formed organization on February 7 and made a fresh start.

The total number of medical practitioners by August, 2016 that obtained training at JIMTEF reached 1,156 individuals from 102 countries around the world. Many of them are fulfilling the significant role of leading the way in their native country to improve and develop the medical technology in their own specialties. We continue to plan to develop the essential training programs for physicians and medical technical staffs to solve the health care problems and improve the health services in developing countries, and to contribute to their sustainable development. At the business promotion, we cooperate closely with the medical three associations (Medical Association, Dental Association, Pharmaceutical Association), Association of Twenty One Medical Care-related Organizations, the business world and private associations such as the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA) and conclude a partnership agreement with each government, university or medical organization in developing countries for implementing more appropriate program in each developing country. Furthermore, we will implement the seminars for promoting the understanding and practical skills of the related associations on disaster medical care and cooperate with domestic and international disaster medical care measures.

With the request of the Ministry of Health, the Government of Vietnam, we began the project in Vietnam for the dissemination of judo therapy and acupuncture moxibustion therapy, Japanese traditional medicine. In addition, we have concluded the Memorandum of Understanding with the biggest national dental hospital in Vietnam and contribute to promote Vietnamese people's health with utilizing Japanese high dental technology and the latest dental materials.

We believe that although suffered the unprecedented Great East Japan Earthquake suddenly struck on March 11, 2011, our country will recover by overcoming the impact brought about by this major disaster and maintain the position as one of the strongest countries in the world through ODA (official development assistance) and nongovernmental assistance activities. In doing so, in addition to making further efforts in international medical cooperation, we will definitely need your guidance and cooperation. We greatly appreciate your continued support.


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