Association of Twenty One Medical Care-related Organizations

With a view to facilitating JIMTEF's international cooperation in the development of medical technology, the representatives of major medical care-related organizations in Japan are working together to promote the following activities:

(1) Survey on new needs for training programs and dispatch of medical practitioners and survey teams
(2) Development of systems for training programs
(3) Planning for International Medical Cooperation Forums and international seminars
(4) Planning for disaster medical care programs
(5) Public relations activities aimed at promoting international cooperation and exchange for the development of medical technology
(6) Promotion of follow-up projects regarding training programs
(7) Continuing education for medical practitioners in developing countries
(8) Exchange of information/views and pursuit of research that are necessary for international cooperation in the development of medical technology

Japanese Association of Medical Technologists Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists
Japanese Physical Therapy Association The Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists
The Japan Dietetic Association Japanese Association of Certified Orthoptists
Japan Dental Technologists Association Japan Judo Therapist Association
Japan Dental Hygienists' Association Japan Society of Clinical Engineers
Japan Association of Acupuncturists, Moxacaoterists and Massage Practitioners Japan Association of Anma, Massage and Shiatsu Practitioners
Japan Acupuncture and Moxibustion Association The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
The Japan Federation of Medical Devices Association Japanese Academy of Prosthetists & Orthotists
Radiological Technologist Association for International Cooperation Japanese Association of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapist
The Japan Association of Certified Care Workers Japanese Association of Social Workers in Health Services
Japan Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists
(Listed in order of joining the association)

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